The Egg

About the Egg

The egg is six-inches tall, four-inches in diameter and weighs about four pounds.

Egg Hunt—ABOUT

Egg Hunt Promotions is sponsoring an exciting contest for Portlanders . . . Somewhere in the Portland Metro area lies a white-granite egg. It's hiding in plain sight, accessible on public land (no climbing, digging or moving anything is required). On the bottom you will find a phone number and code. To win, call the number and provide the code.

Clues to locating the egg are woven into the novels: Destiny Expires and Inflection Points. The winner will likely have mastered the unusual coordinate system used in the novels and have a good understating of the story and characters. Information from both novels is needed to locate the egg and ALL the information is contained within the novels. (There are NO additional clues at any physical locations. You only need to visit the final location revealed in the paperback version of Inflection Points.)

While the contest is primarily just for fun, there are a few prizes for the winner: They get to keep the egg as a trophy, they receive $500 cash and a celebratory party for them and up to thirty guests at Woven Wineworks in Portland's Pearl District. The total ARV is $1,350.

To enter the contest just read the Official Rules.

For more information, read the FAQ's.

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Consumer Disclosure: You have not yet won. A purchase or payment will not increase your chances of winning. One prize of (a) the Egg (b) $500 (c) a private party for the winner and up to 30 guests at Woven Wineworks (ARV USD $800) will be awarded to the eligible participant who first finds the Egg. The total ARV of the prize is USD $1,350. The odds of winning depend on the number of eligible participants. Restrictions apply: Must be 18 years of age, U.S. resident, and located in Multnomah, Clackamas, Washington, or Yamhill County in order to hunt for the Egg; winner responsible for all taxes and expenses not specifically included in the prize. Contest begins at 19:00 PDT on 2/12/2019 and ends when Sponsor has verified and announced that a winner has found the Egg and been awarded the prize. Sponsor: Egg Hunt Promotions, LLC: PO Box 25653 Portland, OR 97298.