Francis Halpin

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Francis Halpin
PO Box 25653
Portland, OR 97298


Francis is a native Oregonian. He currently lives in the Northwest Hills of Portland with his wife and three children. The family often spends time on the Oregon Coast in the small town of Manzanita, where they can sometimes be found browsing the book shelves of the local Cloud & Leaf Bookstore or hiking the trail to Neahkahnie Mountain.

He has been a fan of science fiction from a young age and enjoys reading fast-paced, suspenseful thrillers of different genres. In his debut novel, The Seventh Guard - Destiny Expires, he bridges the fantasy of science fiction with real-world situations. The result is a fast-paced, sometimes comical, and suspenseful thriller that appeals to a broad audience. Look for his second book, The Seventh Guard - Inflection Points, coming soon.


He decided to straighten his body and fly down feet first. If a tree or the ground was coming, it wouldn’t matter. But if he was over water, having his toes pointed down with arms and chin up would give him a chance to survive. And if something didn’t happen soon, it wouldn’t make a difference. He was falling so fast he would be dead no matter what.

It came . . . with more force than he’d imagined.

As his toes pierced the surface his legs folded back. His body plunged into the brine at an impossible speed. His bones seemed to lead the charge downward—his flesh and muscle like meat, clinging to their skewers.

The roar and crash in his ears echoed throughout his body. He thought his nose would tear open as the ocean smashed its way through and then sprayed down his throat. His eyelids ballooned—the saltwater stinging his eyes.

Then everything turned slow . . .

The violent impact was over, but the pain was just rising—the full accounting unknown. When he finally opened his mouth to breath he drew the sea into his lungs. Convulsive choking ensued but was muffled by the depth—he was almost six-meters down.

He needed to swim up, but his body was broken.

He needed to breath, but there was only water.

His choices were simple: swim up or die.