The Seventh Guard—DESTINY E X P I R E S


A hidden code awakens a mysterious compulsion, leading a young man on a compelling journey of unearthly discovery—the truth lies beyond . . .

Twenty-five-year-old Robert Lowden is awkward, abrasive, sarcastic—borderline dysfunctional. His part-time job at Best Buy doesn’t match his vision of success. He wants to be more than a repair agent—someone stuck fixing other people’s problems.

At home he conducts bizarre experiments, many at the expense of his customers and his few friends. He believes they will eventually lead to something extraordinary, a real discovery that will give his life meaning and purpose—something that will show the world how smart he really is . . . but what he eventually finds could end his life.

Journey now with Robert and his friends on their wild adventure, from discovering the code and revealing its meaning, to deadly encounters with the mysterious man in black. It’s an exciting and fast-paced read—at times hilarious, suspenseful and thrilling.

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The Seventh Guard—EGG H U N T

Egg Hunt Promotions is sponsoring an exciting contest for Portlanders . . . Somewhere in the Portland Metro area lies a white-granite egg. It's hiding in plain sight, on public land and is easily accessible (no climbing, digging or moving anything is required). On the bottom you will find engraved a phone number and code. To win, call the number and provide the code.

Clues to locating the egg are woven into the novels: Destiny Expires and Inflection Points. The winner will likely have mastered the unusual coordinate system used in the novels and have a good understating of the story and characters . . .Learn More

Praise for The Seventh Guard—DESTINY E X P I R E S

"Intrigue, a quest for truth, and hidden mysteries fill the book to the brim, and leave you wondering what the ultimate conclusion will be ... a narrative written with such style that you keep turning the pages ... an intriguing science fiction story ... You can't help but be drawn into Robert's plight ..." ★★★★★—K.J. Simmill, award-winning British author of The Forgotten Legacies Series

"This is a compelling tale with one of the best characters I have read in science fiction ... The writing is beautiful, the humor filling the pages, and the suspense skillfully designed to keep the reader’s attention from one engaging page to the next ... utterly entertaining, one of the few books with an irresistible narrative voice ..." ★★★★★—Romuald Dzemo, author of You Can’t Be a Failure

"... adventure around every corner ... Francis Halpin adds a unique twist to this alien thriller, giving it an unusual ending that left me amazed ... very creative and well thought out, and I will remember this novel every time I see flickering fluorescent lights. I thoroughly enjoyed reading [it] and loved the main character ... a great delight ..." ★★★★★—Peggy Jo Wipf, Readers’ Favorite Reviewer

"[Robert] leapt from the page like a real person. His journey through the novel was also very intriguing ... fans of science fiction are certain to delve into Francis Halpin’s conceptual and puzzling novel with delight ... The writing style was flawless ... recommended for serious sci-fi fans who enjoy acerbic heroes and complex, brain-teasing plots." ★★★★★—K.C. Finn, multi-award-winning author of over twenty novels including The Book of Shade, The Mind's Eye, Legion Lost and Sinister Sentiments—a worldwide best-seller


Francis Halpin Bestselling author, Francis Halpin, is a native Oregonian. He currently lives in the Northwest Hills of Portland with his wife and three children. The family often spends time on the Oregon Coast in the small town of Manzanita, where they can sometimes be found browsing the book shelves of the local Cloud & Leaf Bookstore or hiking the trail to Neahkahnie Mountain.

He has been a fan of science fiction from a young age and enjoys reading fast-pace suspense thrillers of different genres . . .

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Hearing directly from readers is an exciting part of writing. Francis personally responds to everyone that contacts him. If you have questions or something you would like to say, please use the contact page.


The Seventh Guard

Journey with Robert Lowden from his early days working as a repair agent at Best Buy to the final revelations of his unearthly destiny in the expanse. The complete adventure is revealed in The Seventh Guard series—Destiny Expires and Inflection Points. Start your journey with Robert today—order Destiny Expires.



After discovering a mysterious, hidden message, Robert feels compelled to follow it . . . wherever it may lead.



Robert races to save the world and himself from annihilation amid desperate attacks by the man in black.